About Stine

My Journey of Building a Microfranchise Business from Scratch.

Microfranchise came into my life by chance at a time when my family was split between two continents due to a world pandemic. I was in Denmark and had no idea what to do while waiting for the world to open up again. I was looking for opportunities to work from home, something flexible that could fit with my family life! Most of it seemed impossible until a microfranchise opportunity came up. One of the aspects that attracted me to microfranchising was the flexibility it offered. Since I wanted the freedom to work from home and manage my own schedule, I sought out a microfranchise opportunity that allowed me to do just that. Additionally, the dropshipping model appealed to me as it eliminated the need for physical inventory, storage, and shipping logistics. This made the business more accessible and manageable for someone like me starting from scratch. Today I have helped people to become successful in their own business and I just love to see them grow!

My journey demonstrates that with the right mindset, determination, and a willingness to learn, you can transform an unfamiliar territory into a thriving venture. I was able to build a successful business, achieving both personal and professional fulfillment along the way.

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